Moonshot Collaborative has been fortunate to work with some wonderful clients and partners. Here’s what a few of them had to say about our work together. 

"At Yo! Egg, we needed to deeply understand how people think and behave in the legacy category we're working to recreate. Moonshot Collaborative's interviews with egg consumers were incredibly insightful and have been essential to our product development and positioning."
Eran Groner at Yo! Egg
Eran Groner
Co-Founder, Yo! Egg

"Moonshot Collaborative was key to assess the pricing strategy for our new line of plant based deli slices. Their focused panel of consumers as well as their deep statistical knowledge provided all the information we needed to make an informed decision."
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Diana Cruz
Marketing Manager
Gourmet Evolution Foods

“Moonshot Collaborative has a huge panel of plant-based buyers and the capabilities to dive deep with extensive demographic data that they shared with us. And from that we were able to develop this very nice baseline consumer persona.”
Chris Quevedo at Terviva
Chris Quevedo
Senior Manager, Food Products

"The support [from Che] was incredibly valuable and the survey results contextualized the data in a way that made quick work out of deciphering consumer preferences, giving Tofurky confidence in our innovation plans for the next year."
Erin Ransom at Tofurky
Erin Ransom
SVP Marketing, Tofurky

"The information and insight [provided by Che] was essential to our understanding of vegetarian and meat-reducing consumers. Your expertise was invaluable and Del Monte Foods makes frequent use of your research to help guide our marketing and explore new product ideas."
Xander Shapiro
Xander Shapiro
Director, Del Monte Foods