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We are excited to share a feature article about Moonshot Collaborative by Vegconomist, the prominent online vegan business magazine. Based on an interview with our founders, David Benzaquen and Che Green, the article notes our unique contribution to the plant-based food industry and conscious consumerism in general.

“Moonshot Collaborative is the world’s first consumer research firm dedicated to understanding the universe of plant-based and sustainability-minded shoppers. At the core of the business is a curated and vetted community of thousands of plant-based buyers, ranging from flexitarians who occasionally shop for plant-based foods to 100% plant-based consumers.”

The articles covers a range of topics including pandemic-related trends in the food industry, how younger consumers are changing the conversation around plant-based foods, our predictions, and how to use research to achieve your goals. The interview also touches on our unparalleled ability to help companies in the conscious consumer space.

“Beyond our regular monthly consumer surveys, which aggregate questions from multiple clients to keep the costs super reasonable for anyone who wants to participate, we offer various kinds of custom research. Examples of our custom research include longitudinal studies, virtual focus groups, home use tests, in-depth consumer interviews, and A-B testing. And, for brands that want help to interpret and apply our research findings, we offer hourly and project-based consulting.”

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Moonshot Collaborative

Moonshot Collaborative is a consumer research firm that provides unparalleled access to thousands of plant-based and sustainability-minded shoppers to help you understand their purchase decisions and how you can appeal to them more effectively.