GFI’s Plant-Based Market Overview

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via The Good Food Institute

The Good Food Institute (GFI) is a nonprofit organization devoted to creating a healthy, humane, and sustainable food system by promoting the development of alternatives to animal-based products like meat, dairy, and eggs. 

GFI pursues its mission – to promote alternatives to animal-based foods – in various creative ways, including by providing rigorous resources for plant-based startups. Among the nonprofit’s most exciting resources is their Plant-Based Market Overview, which they partnered with SPINS to create. It includes key insights on the size and growth of the plant-based market, all completely free.

The data in the report is broken down by plant-based category – meat, milk, other dairy, and other categories, which includes meals, eggs, condiments, tofu, and tempeh. GFI provides the total market size (in dollars) and percentage growth of each category and sub-category, along with other valuable, relevant data points. (For example, “Of all U.S. households, 14% purchase plant-based meat, which equates to approximately 18 million households.”)

Open access to this caliber of recent data is extraordinary. It is useful for the plant-based industry as a whole, and is a powerful resource for plant-based startups looking for trends in the market, seeking hard-hitting numbers to highlight in pitch decks, and for those trying to find the most promising white space in the booming plant-based marketplace.

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