Fast Facts: Consumer Opinions on the Sustainability of Our Food System

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In January 2022, we asked our panelists how much they agreed or disagreed with five statements related to the sustainability of our food system. Their answers provide a look into alt protein and sustainable consumers’ current views of food and society, revealing a sense that change is urgently needed and a belief in their ability to be part of the change.

The Data

Key Takeaways

  • Nearly 4 in 5 plant-based buyers think that rising food costs make it harder to buy sustainable foods. It’s important that sustainable brands consider this economic climate and its effect on their target audience and, if possible, adjust their sales and pricing strategy accordingly.
  • Of all statements, “large-scale animal agriculture is damaging to the environment” garnered the least overall agreement with just 58% of respondents agreeing strongly or somewhat, 28% neither agreeing nor disagreeing, and 14% disagreeing strongly or somewhat. It’s clear that more widespread education and information on the impacts of animal agriculture are needed to grow this awareness.
  • Alt protein and sustainable consumers generally agree that urgent action is needed by society (79% agree) and by corporations (77% agree) to make how we produce and consume food more sustainable. This is noteworthy: those purchasing plant-based foods are overall in agreement about the urgency of sustainable changes to our food system.
  • Over 7 in 10 plant-based buyers agree with the statement, “I believe I can impact the food system through my daily choices (e.g.,buying sustainable foods, minimizing food waste).” So, not only is there a sense among consumers of urgent change needed to our food system, but there is also a widespread belief in individual ability to contribute to that change.

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