Report: Plant-Based Buyers’ Views of Sustainable Packaging

Moonshot Collaborative | Sustainable Packaging



Sustainable packaging is becoming increasingly important for consumers (and the planet), and plant-based buyers are no exception. This report from Moonshot Collaborative provides exclusive insights into how consumers of plant-based products think about sustainability and choose more sustainable brands. With the content of this report, your company will understand who cares most about sustainability, where they look for sustainability information, and what packaging claims are most important.


A 32-page PDF report with key takeaways, charts, tables, and analysis for questions relating to overall importance of sustainability for plant-based buyers, key sources for a brand’s sustainability information, primary claims that consumers look for, motivations for buying sustainable products, and willingness to pay for more sustainable packaging. For each question, we provide breakdowns (“crosstabs”) based on gender, age, ethnicity, region, household income, household size, and dietary status.

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