You’ve got important questions about your customers’ beliefs, behaviors, motivations, barriers, and more. And reports are one valuable way to gain insights on those topics.

But there’s a problem.

Reports don’t always hit on the topics that are relevant to the questions your brand is currently facing. Oftentimes they’re not specific to your category or the problem at hand, so trying to pull out meaningful insights can feel tricky and piecemeal. Not to mention having to spend precious marketing dollars on reports that are largely inapplicable.

Our solution? Build your own report.

Our Build Your Own Report option lets you choose exactly which questions you want included in your report, with the option to add cross-tabs and/or analysis to any question for even more depth. So you can drill down on the exact categories, topics, and level of granularity that you need to inform your strategy, answer your investors’ questions, and make customer-centric decisions.

Build Your Own Report Process
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