What do we do?

Moonshot Collaborative helps alternative protein and sustainable businesses use deep insights on health-minded and conscious consumers to make high-stakes decisions with confidence.

With over 40 years of collective experience in researching and selling to these key consumer groups, we have the expertise and industry knowledge to help your brand make powerful, customer-centric decisions.

Our unique access to consumers can help you:

  • Identify which shoppers are most excited about your products, so you can target more efficiently and save money and time
  • Test new product or flavor concepts
  • Test branding, logo, or packaging design (and even compare between two or more versions)
  • Test messaging and advertising
  • Track how customers are feeling about your business over time so you can be proactive about correcting course
  • Optimize your pricing
  • Perform competitive analysis
  • Understand what motivates customers to buy products like yours

Ready to make customer-centric decisions?

At Moonshot Collaborative, we know that you want to be a strategic and effective decision-maker for your brand. Competition is fierce – especially in industries like alt protein and plant-based food and beverages – so good decisions are especially key for your brand’s success. And for many of the biggest questions you face, feedback from your customers will help you make the best decision.

The problem is that most consumer research options are not very relevant to your customers, and research insights are often not presented in the broader context of what’s happening in your industry. This may lead you to feel like you just have to make your best guess on decisions. But at Moonshot Collaborative, we believe that in-depth insights on your consumers (those purchasing alt protein and sustainable products) should be in-depth, tailored, and actionable.

We know how overwhelming and complex big business decisions can be. But with our ability to carefully vet and deeply profile buyers, you can get the clarity you need.