To provide deep and actionable insights to the entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations tackling one of the most complex challenges of our time – sustainability.

Founding Story

Che and David met in 2008, and for years thereafter they spoke about the challenges that alt protein and other disruptive brands in the plant-based and sustainable spaces face due to a lack of consumer insights. They each saw the problem from a unique perspective: David saw it first-hand, having founded and led an alt protein food brand, and Che saw it as a 25-year consumer research veteran who had worked with everyone from small nonprofits to multinational food companies.

David and Che each bemoaned both the quality or downright lack of research being done in the space. The two spent many moons exploring how to resolve these challenges for startups and, in 2020, the time came to bring it to life. David successfully exited a food business that he had co-founded and led. Che, who founded and spent 20 years as Executive Director of Faunalytics, had since moved into a volunteer board role and was ready for something new. The stars aligned and Moonshot Collaborative was born.

Since then, Moonshot Collaborative has further refined how we can best help alt protein and plant-based businesses: by leveraging our collective 40 years of experience in the alt protein and plant-based industries, we can offer brands in-depth, actionable consumer insights grounded in decades of highly-specific expertise.