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Helping you make customer-centric decisions that grow your sales

Making high-stakes decisions without customer buy-in can be costly

You’re faced with countless business decisions every day. And while the small ones can often be made with intuition and high-level data, big decisions made without consumer input can be risky and expensive:

  • How much money are off-the-cuff decisions costing your business? How much time and money could you save by getting things right from the start?
  • How many sales are you foregoing by launching products and packaging that don’t resonate with your customers?
  • How many marketing dollars are you wasting by not targeting ads to those who are most likely to respond to them?

At Moonshot, we’ll help you put your customers where they belong: at the center of your decision-making process.

Make strategic, data-driven decisions that you can feel confident about

Test your best ideas with your customers to:

Save money by avoiding ideas that don’t resonate with your customers

Save time by getting things right the first time

Gain clarity and confidence in your decisions

Gain a sharp competitive edge through consumer-centricity

Adopt a data-driven strategy, without breaking the bank

Avoid major mistakes that can be hard to recover from

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We’ve spent 40 years helping brands like yours

We know how stressful and isolating it can feel to face your most important business decisions in a vacuum. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

We’ve spent a collective 40+ years helping alt protein and sustainable brands succeed – with 25 of those years devoted specifically to consumer research in the space. We’re here to help you make decisions that ignite, excite, and inspire your consumers.


"The support [from Che] was incredibly valuable and the survey results contextualized the data in a way that made quick work out of deciphering consumer preferences, giving Tofurky confidence in our innovation plans for the next year."
Erin Ransom
VP of Marketing, Tofurky

"The information and insight [provided by Che] was essential to our understanding of vegetarian and meat-reducing consumers. Your expertise was invaluable and Del Monte Foods makes frequent use of your research to help guide our marketing and explore new product ideas."
Xander Shapiro
Marketing Director, Del Monte Foods

Clients & Partners

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How it Works

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1. Define goals

We'll work with you to understand and define your business goals

2. Craft Questions

We'll use our expertise to design strategic questions for our panel

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3. Get Insights

You'll get actionable insights to inform your decision-making

Our Pricing


Our reports offer unique, in-depth, and actionable insights into the beliefs and behaviors of hyper-relevant, alt protein & sustainable consumers. And, by focusing exclusively on this segment, we’re able to go deeper and offer more value at a fraction of the cost of reports prepared by other research firms. 

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Omnibus Client Surveys

Have a burning question you’d like to ask your target audience? Take advantage of group pricing by submitting your most pressing questions to our panel via our monthly, multi-client surveys. Questions start at just $1,000 each and the responses to your questions are still proprietary to you. 

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Custom Research

Ready to launch products your customers can’t get enough of, message and market in a way that sells, and deeply understand your ideal customers? We’re here to help with research tailored to support your most important decisions. Get in touch today to discuss your business goals and custom pricing. 

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How We Help

At Moonshot Collaborative, we know that you want to be a strategic and effective decision-maker for your business. And for many of the biggest choices you face, feedback from your customers will help you make the best decision.

The problem is that most consumer research options are very expensive, and not always very relevant to your customers, which may lead you to feel like you just have to make your best guess on decisions. But at Moonshot Collaborative, we believe that in-depth insights on your consumers (those purchasing alt protein and sustainable products) should be affordable, actionable, and hyper-relevant.

We know how overwhelming and complex big business decisions can be. But with our carefully vetted, deeply profiled panel of buyers – all of whom have purchased an alt protein product (meat, dairy, and/or eggs) in the 90 days prior to their signing up for the panel – you can get the clarity you need.

Here’s how it works: we’ll work together to discuss and define your business goals. Then we’ll use our expertise to craft thoughtfully-designed questions that we’ll submit to our panel, and you’ll receive actionable insights to inform your strategy. Schedule a call today, so you can stop making big decisions in a vacuum and start making data-driven, customer-centric decisions that grow your sales. 

About Us

Moonshot Collaborative has unmatched expertise when it comes to segments like meat reducers, cruelty-free shoppers, vegetarians, and environmentally-conscious buyers. We’re motivated to help you excel at understanding and reaching these crucial and growing categories of buyers.

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