Moonshot Collaborative is the brainchild of two professionals who believe that true success and social change can best be achieved when you marry great companies and products with a deep understanding of what the customer wants.

Che Green is a 25-year market research veteran focused on sustainable and ethical consumerism, including plant-based foods. He has led research efforts for groups ranging from Fortune 500 companies to international nonprofits. His work has involved understanding consumers’ behavioral motivations and decision-making, and applying these insights to help companies expand their customer base and increase sales. His deep consumer research experience includes a range of quantitative (surveys, experiments), qualitative (focus groups, interviews), and mixed-method research. 

Che Green
David Benzaquen
David Benzaquen is one of the world’s leading experts in the plant-based food industry. Among his experiences, he spent nearly a decade leading a corporate strategy consulting firm for plant-based consumer products, founded one of the first plant-based seafood companies, and has invested in a number of businesses in the space. During his career, David has found himself frequently frustrated with the lack of consumer insights on the vast and growing market his industry serves. Without this data, he has seen, and sometimes borne, the risks associated with spending countless dollars on launching new brands, packaging, product flavors and more without any clue about their potential.

With a shared passion for helping to bring healthy and sustainable products into the marketplace (and onto their plates), Che and David teamed up to launch the world’s first consumer research firm with a focus on the growing audience of plant-based shoppers.

When you’re selling a product, nothing is more important than capturing your customers’ interest. Contact Moonshot Collaborative today to hear firsthand from your audience about what will motivate them to buy your products!